The Chef

A little about me …My cuisine in Trapani

Graduated from the Hotel School “Vincenzo Florio” in Trapani in 2001, my career really began in 1997, when I started working as Assistant-Chef at the restaurant “Riviera” of San Vito Lo Capo for the summer season that I It allowed to come into contact with the world of cooking and work.

But then, my specialization and the most important step of career assistant chef to cook takes place at the restaurant “Le Palme”, located in the territory of Trapani I worked from 1998 until 2003.

In 2004, however I was in charge of the kitchen a well-known hotels in the Trapani “Il Tirreno” which will keep the labor relations until 2009, very important year for me, in fact it is precisely in 2009 that I’ll be moving in the small island of Pantelleria as Chef, to embark on a beautiful trail in the restaurant “at Sunset” until 2014, revisiting in a modern recipes of the past and thanks to my kitchen I come also mentioned in the Michelin Guide.

From 2015 to date are Chef at the restaurant “Taste Temptations” in Trapani in the heart of the city, and I propose now revisited and refined dishes, based on the use of simple and quality ingredients without neglecting the Sicilian tradition with various combinations of land and the sea, fish and cheeses.
I refine your-Mediterranean cuisine revisited with a touch of madness that never hurts. The choice of raw material is the basis, so every morning I am attentive firsthand the expense, personally I choose the product, which is fish or vegetables it makes no difference, because I am deeply convinced that Italian cuisine is the richest, varied and tasty in the world.

What I try to offer each customer is an imaginary journey to the rediscovery of a thousand ways to enjoy the food, a real appetizing culinary journey. My main goal is to interpret dishes whose flavors are legible, clean and clear for them to live and how to share experience, culture and pleasure.

Often attend the cooking refresher courses, which allow me to acquire great skill in the preparation and creative presentation of dishes and be in step with the times, I love to put myself in comparison with colleagues to learn new working techniques.


“Each creation is like a “treasure chest” in which are preserved, such as diamonds, the individual parts which, when hatched, will create an alchemy of colors, flavors and smells; Cook as the multifaceted artist has, through his works, extolling the characteristics of one’s soul and thus of their being, as do the poets or painters”

The Chef 26 January 2017